Franco Anfuso likes using steel cor-ten for his sculptures and installation because it is the material most congenial to his artistic vision of the space.

Jesus Christ

Jesus face fully in cantilevered copper on a 65 cm ceramic plate

Buffalo head on mozzarella

sculpture in Copper with embossed

Myth of Icarus

Terracotta plate, diameter cm.65

One stallion for two.

Copper sculpture

Dream of a mermaid

Copper sculpture

Silent dialogue

copper sculpture

The wave

sculputure corten steel


from pley to passion

The king without head.

Sculpture copper and steel corten

Fusion dreaming


Homage to Hamingway

sculpture forex thin sheet plate corten


sculpture forex thin sheet plate corten



Alchemy for the the life

sculpture in steel corten

the work and his victims

sculpture in steel corten

HORSE CORTEN sculpture

Hight 300 cm

Evolutive process

Sculpture in corten steel

Kites of steel

sculpture in steel and corten steel

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